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SME is a ONE STOP SHOP for every Filmmaker. These are just a few of the services that can be offered during the Pre-production and Post-production stages of filmmaking. Depending on the project’s size and budget, there may be additional services required, such as marketing and distribution.

Our Pre & Post Production service offered during each phase is as mentioned

Pre Viz - Design

1. Scriptwriting and development: This involves the creation and development of the story, characters,
and dialogue.
2. Casting: Experienced professionals who work to find the right actors for each role.
3. Location scouting: Finding the right locations to shoot the film, both indoor and outdoor.
4. Crew hiring: Hiring the necessary crew members like cinematographers, editors, production designers,
5. Budgeting: Calculating the cost of the film and deciding how much money to allocate to each
6. Scheduling: Creating a shooƟng schedule that accommodates everyone’s availability and works within
the budget.
7 Storyboarding: Creating a visual representation of the script and planning out the shots.
8. Concept Art: Creating visual representations of the characters, sets, and props to help visualize the
film’s look and feel.
9. Production Design: Developing the overall look of the film, including set design, props, and costumes.
10. Rehearsals: Practicing scenes with the actors to ensure they understand their roles and deliver the
performances the director desires.
11. Visual Storytelling: Developing the visual language and style of the film, including camera angles,
framing, and lighting.
12. Animatics: Creating rough animated versions of the film’s sequences to help visualize the story and
13. Script Breakdown: Analyzing the script to identify the necessary locations, props, and other elements
needed to bring the story to life.
14. Research and Development: Conducting research to ensure that the film is accurate and authentic,
whether it’s a historical drama or a science fiction adventure.
15. Legal Clearance: Securing the necessary permissions and licenses for using copyrighted material,
such as music or photographs.
16. Legal Services: Securing necessary permits, contracts, and insurance to ensure that the production
runs smoothly and safely.
17. Production Management: Coordinating all aspects of the production, including logistics, scheduling,
and budgeting.
18. Catering Services: Providing meals and snacks for the cast and crew during production.
19. Insurance Services: Providing coverage to protect the production from accidents, the, or other
unexpected events.
20. Transportation and Logistics: Coordinating the transportation of equipment, crew, and actors to and
from the set.
21. Set Construction: Building sets and props to bring the script to life and create a realistic world for the
22. Stunt Coordination: Planning and executing action sequences that involve physical risks and
23. Online Editing: Collaborating with filmmakers in remote locations to complete the editing process.

Production & Post-Prod

1.Editing: Piecing together the raw footage into a cohesive story and selecting the best shots and takes.

2.Sound Design: Adding and mixing sound effects, music, and dialogue

3.Foley Artistry: Recording additional sound effects to enhance the audio quality and realism of the film.

4.Subtitling and Dubbing: Translating the dialogue into other languages or recording alternative audio tracks.

5.Dialogue Editing: Cleaning up and enhancing the quality of the recorded dialogue.

6.Music Composition: Writing original music or selecting pre-existing music to accompany the film.

7.Visual Effects: Adding computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other visual effects to enhance the film.

8.Titles and Credits: Adding opening and closing credits, and creating any necessary graphics.

9.Trailer and Teaser Editing: Creating promotional materials to market the film before its release.

10.Color Correction: Adjusting the color and tone of the footage to achieve the desired look.

11.Digital Intermediate: The process of digitally manipulating the colors and exposure of a film to achieve a specific look.

12.Final Output: Exporting the final film in the desired format, ready for distribution.

1. Distribution: Planning and executing the release of the film, either through traditional theatrical distribution or via online streaming platforms.

2. Closed Captioning and Audio Description: Making the film accessible to audiences with hearing or visual impairments.

3. Film Festivals and Awards Campaigns: Submitting the film to festivals and awards programs to generate buzz and recognition.

4. Publicity and Digital Marketing: Developing and executing a comprehensive publicity and marketing campaign to promote the film’s release.

5. Distribution Strategy: Developing a plan for how the film will be released, including selecting the appropriate distribution channels and release dates.

6. Analytics and Reporting: Gathering and analyzing data on the film’s performance, including box office revenue and audience demographics

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